Revealing the path to success and stepping into the 4th year of "Namnin Clinic"
In the past few years, the “hair transplantation” business in Thailand has literally grown. More new target groups have been witnessed like the younger patients and increasing female clients. In the past, when we talked about the hair transplantation, the image of old bald men would be popped out. But today things have changed, the hair transplantation is one of them. It now becomes an easily-accessible beauty science for anyone who wants to be more confident with a new look. With the state-of-the-art technology, the terrifying images of hair transplant surgery are now replaced with the spoken words of pleasant experiences. Nowadays, entering a hair transplant clinic is like entering a beauty clinics located all over the cities.

“Namnin” is an up-and-coming hair transplant clinic, a top-of-mind brand when searching a reliable hair transplant service provider. Our success is derived from the ultimate intentions of Dr. Dinkanignan Namthongton (Dr. Nin) who is both in front of the scene of hair grafting and implantation, and behind the stable foundation and "Namnin" brand recognition. The "Attentiveness", “Perfection”, and “Patient-centric approach” are what we’ve been adhering to, resulting in the personalized or tailor-made treatments which are designed exclusively for each of our patients.

To be more productive, Dr. Nin has utilized her accumulated expertise and experience, derived domestically and internally, in developing and improving the state-of-the- art techniques with the optimal effectiveness and convenience, named “NEAT” or Namnin's Exclusive Advanced Hair Transplant Technique. “NEAT” is not just the mnemonic name of a hair transplant techniques. Every single letter has its own hidden meaning.

‘N’ represents Dr. Nin's expertise
‘E’ represents the exclusive personalized treatment approach
‘A’ represents the advanced hair transplantation technique with the trustful and reliable result.
‘T’ represents the state-of-the-art technologies integrated with Dr. Nin's unique technique that has been continuously improved.

The proved success of the NEAT technique is not our finish line. We, Namnin Clinic, has committed to improving our services to cover all aspects and dimensions. All medical assistants shall undergo intensive trainings to ensure that they are qualified and competent professionally, while all staff have the same goal of delivering the excellent service and beneficial advice to our valued clients. At Namnin, we are your safe and relaxing zone where you could share your concerns and problems to be solved. With our selective hair care & treatment products, the long-term treatment efficiency can be ensured.

The strength of "Namnin", every single hair transplanted by the expert surgeon only, is the key to raise the standard of the hair transplant industry in Thailand. Intentionally "Namnin" has always communicated that the heart of the hair transplant procedure is the process of implanting the hair grafts into recipient areas, taking into account the proper direction, orientation, angle, depth, and density, so that the new hair will be blend in with the original one naturally, perfectly and strongly. As stated, therefore, the hair transplantation is a procedure that requires the specific expertise of a surgeon, no one can replace.

Not only that, "Namnin" also adheres to the "White Ocean Strategy" which focuses on running the business sustainably on the basis of ethics, truth and social responsibility. We are one of the hair transplantation service providers who place importance on providing the knowledge and clear understanding about hair transplantation. Our knowledge communication is performed through various channels and mediums like radio, online and social media, trusted influencers, and even short films, to honestly reflect our visions and commitments, under the trusted brand named “Namnin”.

The next step to the 4th year of "Namnin" not only started with our business extension i.e. "Hair Transplant Course" in which the accumulated knowledge and experiences of Dr. Nin, a "Medical Teacher", is transferred to other "doctors", but also Thai and foreign visitors will experience a magnificent experience with a comprehensive services, feels like a Hair Medical Center at Namnin Clinic located Phaholyothin 34. We are ready to deliver you a perfect hair restoration, from the very first step to the finish line of “The New You”. Please come and experience the ultimate hair care at, or For more details, please contact us at LINE ID @Namninclinic or call 093-093-5639.

CERTIFICATE of Cadaveric Workshop Augmentation Rhinoplasty Using Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM)
CERTIFICATE of Achievement Completed the training and education of hair transplantation at the Mojelim Hair transplant clinic in Daegu, South Korea