Natural Hair Color
the gray coverage program
100% natural extracts
Namnin Natural Hair Color
Take care of the healthy and beautiful hair more comprehensively with the gray coverage program, utilizing 100% natural extracts that have been assured gentle and safe. Prepared to recall your confidence!
Namnin Natural Hair Color Treatment Storytelling
As Namnin truly understands how much “Hair” matters to you, in terms of appearance, personality, youthfulness, and self-confidence, we have developed ‘Namnin Natural Hair Color Treatment’ to be a right solution for covering the gray hair. This is the gentle and effective program that together combines the advantages of various natural extracts, to treat and cover the gray hair perfectly. Let you fill your confidence bucket with shiny black and healthy hair in the way you desire.
WHY CHOOSE Namnin Natural Hair Color TECHNIQUE
Hair Treatment
Secret formula from the power of real natural extracts
Namnin Natural Hair Color Treatment is a uniquely-designed gray hair coverage program, utilizing the natural extracts and more than 30 types of grains and herbs. As it’s free from ammonia, henna and any harmful chemicals, this is an innovative hair treatment and gray coverage which is truly gentle and safe for your hair and scalp.
3 treatment steps to cover the gray hair perfectly
o The first step, the clients will get their hair dyed with 100% organic water-based nourishing product. This helps cover your gray naturally and perfectly.
o Then, let’s move on to the next step of cleaning the hair with anti-hair loss shampoo, specially imported from Korea's leading hair transplant hospital. You could be assured that it is gentle and safe for your beloved hair and scalp.
o Enhance the ultimate nourishment with the intensive concentrated treatment products that Namnin has carefully selected for our clients so that their hair will be shiny, strong and healthier than ever.