Neoy, Singer
Hair transplant 5 months
Tangmo, Actor
Hair transplant 9 months
Ying, Singer
Hair transplant 6 months
Jame, Designer
Hair transplant 6 months
N / E / A / T /
hair transplant by doctor
Namnin Exclusive Advance Hair Transplant Technique
The NEAT Technique or Namnin Exclusive Advance Hair Transplant Technique was innovatively developed from the unique expertise of Dr. Dinkanignan Namthongton, a medical teacher specialized in hair transplantation. NEAT Technique has applied the globally-recognized innovation. The expected treatment result is beyond what the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique or general permanent hair transplantations provided. Using the NEAT technique, the patient’s concerns about hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness are resolved once with only one treatment. Experience the new innovative results here and see what a difference Namnin can make!
Hair transplantation improves physiognomic features : Ms. Nanthaporn Burakhom (Khun Chompoo)
New Hair, New Life Open up your face confidently
Kittipan Bhumsuko (Khun Tik) - Turn back your age clock with hair transplantation
Today, Khun Tik, at the age of 51, still looks bright and smart, like he has stopped his clock. The secret that lies beneath his charming look is “hair”.
Fulfilling Dr.Sumalee Jamras’s dream – A bride to be
Once in a lifetime Hair transplant to fulfill a bride's dream
Dr.Warut trusted and chose Namnin’s hair transplantation service
From Patient to the First Student… ‘Dr.Warut’ guarantees
Male Hair transplant
Result of Hair transplant with NEAT technique 7 month
Hair and eyebrows transplant
Nuntaporn Burakom ,Eyebrow tattoo artist, Result of Hair and eyebrows transplant with NEAT technique 1 years
After Hair transplant, return to normal life quickly
MR.Alexander Dukic, lecturer of International School ,Result of Hair transplant with NEAT technique 6 month
Namnin provides hair transplant services to people who have problems with hair loss and thinning hair with a unique advanced technique.