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Namnin Perfect Hair Treatment
complete semi-spa treatment
Namnin Perfect Hair Treatment
Experience the premium comfort and relaxation, through a treatment that combines the science of massage with the recognized treatment to nourish the hair and scalp gently and deeply.
Namnin Perfect Hair Treatment Storytelling
Namnin Perfect Hair Treatment is a complete semi-spa treatment, applying the science of scalp massage to improve blood flow, reduce headache and migraine, and relieve fatigue from work as well; together with the use of selected products which help to promote the scalp balancing, deep hair cleansing, reduce hair loss, and accelerate the hair regeneration. Your hair will be beautiful, strong and healthy from root to tip.
WHY CHOOSE Namnin Perfect Hair Treatment TECHNIQUE
Hair Treatment
Scalp massage
Before your massage, our staff will cover your legs, compress the forehead and nape with a warm towel, and you just lie down in the most comfortable position. Start with dropping 10-15 drops of organic oil, imported from Japan, onto your scalp and then massage thoroughly. The special property of this organic oil is that it can deeply cleanse the residues, greasiness, dust and chemicals on the scalp, which hinder the hair regeneration and disrupt the hair growth. Followed by dropping about 4-5 ml of cold pressed coconut oil and thoroughly massage the scalp, temples and nape. This cold-pressed coconut oil helps in blocking bacteria and irritants, preventing dandruff, balancing the protein, strengthen the hair, and improving hair growth.
Hair cleansing
Wash your hair with Mojelim Elixir Shampoo which is imported from a leading hospital in South Korea. This special shampoo helps in balancing your scalp, an in the meantime reducing hair falls, and boosting the hair regeneration. Empowered by Mojelim Elixir Treatment, just apply it to your hair and leave it for a moment. It prevents your hair from dryness and damage. With these beneficial natural extracts, your hair will be shiny beautiful, strong and healthy from root to tip.
Hair Nourishment
Wipe the wet hair. Apply 5-10 drops of NEAT HAIRNUE Elixir Hair Serum, a 100% natural extract, to your scalp and massage thoroughly. This serum helps to reduce hair falling out, enhance the hair growth, stimulate the blood circulation, and reduce the scalp inflammation as well. On the scalp or transplanted area, blow dry your hair with cool air only. Warm air is allowed for the ends of your hair. Last but not least, enhance the nourishment by applying a serum to the ends of your hair.