Namnin Anti -Thinning Hair
treatment for deep rejuvenation
Namnin Anti -Thinning Hair
Namnin Clinic understands hair problems and therefore designs programs to care, restore, and nourish hair. For those who have problems with thinning hair and hair loss, the program will help restore the hair and scalp to be strong with the Premium Hair Booster program and LLLT irradiation for a specified period of time. Along with a set of products for hair care.
Namnin Anti -Thinning Hair Storytelling
Hair loss, thinning hair, but still don't want to grow hair.  Introducing Namnin Anti Thinning Hair Program, a new program for treating hair loss and thinning problems, specially designed to combine the power of hair restoration from within.
WHY CHOOSE Namnin Anti -Thinning Hair TECHNIQUE
Hair Treatment
Hair care program
Premium Hair Booster deeply nourishes hair. which will join forces to directly stimulate the work of hair follicle cells. Reduce hair loss Strengthen new hair cells Strengthens the hair Delivers clearly healthier hair results. LLLT light treatment stimulates blood circulation around the hair roots. By projecting low-frequency laser light, Low Level Laser Therapy, onto the scalp. Helps new hair grow faster. The hair becomes denser. And the laser light also helps nourish the scalp to be strong. Can reduce various inflammatory symptoms.Vitamin pushing treatment reduces hair loss. that pushes the benefits necessary for the hair deep into the hair follicle cells Strengthens hair Complete the life cycle of the hair.
The robust outcome for the new healthy hair
Using products to help nourish your hair is important. That will help make the hair strong, such as hair cleaning products that are gentle on the scalp. Hair serum and vitamins to nourish the hair.