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Kittipan Bhumsuko (Khun Tik) - Turn back your age clock with hair transplantation
Kittipan Bhumsuko (Khun Tik) - Let’s turn back your age clock with hair transplantation. The number (your age) doesn’t matter.
Khun Tik (Kittiphan Phumsuko) is a well-known 90s artist and actor in Thailand. Today, Khun Tik, at the age of 51, still looks bright and smart, like he has stopped his clock. The secret that lies beneath his charming look is “hair”.

“Hair is very important to me because my career depends on the attractive image. No matter how elegant your dress is or how nice or young your face looks, all is useless if your hair looks thin."

Hair loss became his problem since he was 40. His hairline receded backwards forming an ‘M’ shape and the hair at the crown was noticeably thinning. After using shampoos, medications, or serums, they couldn’t help him solve the hair problem. That’s why Khun Tik then talked to Dr. Nin before finally deciding to have hair transplantation at Namnin Clinic.

I'm actually scared of surgery. I eventually decided to get it because my thinning hair destroyed my confidence severely, over 50%. When I was walking in the malls, passing the air vents, my hair will be blown away. I tried many different hair styling techniques but it was none.” 

“When I first met Dr. Nin, she didn't try to pressure me to have hair transplantation. What she did was just talking about the problem and gave me the encouragement that I still had the hair on the back of the head. Then she pointed out the problem area. It made me feel more comfortable.”

Khun Tik said that he used to be afraid of hair transplantation that requires invasive surgery. But here, at Namnin, Dr. Nin used the technique of removing the hair follicles from the occipital for implanting in the problem area (wound-concealed technique).  After having a local anesthetic injection, he didn't feel any pain at all.

“During the hair transplantation procedure, I could say that it wasn't as scary as I had imagined. At first I had imagined the picture of severe pain. It turned out that it wasn't at all. In addition, I was really impressed with Dr. Nin’s performance because she did everything gently and carefully.”

Small and thinning hair at mid-scalp and crown was a big problem for Khun Tik. Dr. Nin explained that the hair was weak with aging. What helped us is to take the healthy hair follicles to be inserted throughout the problem area. This allowed new hair roots to push and hold the old existing one.

Only one day of hair transplantation, Khun Tik was able to resume his work and activities without recovery because of no swelling or bleeding. Months later, over 2,000 hair grafts transplanted at forehead and the middle of the head grows strongly, look naturally dense ... Khun Tik has transformed himself into a new person obviously.

“The most impression of this procedure was a little hair loss and new healthy hair. I can really feel it. In the past, I was unable to do the hair much, but now any hairstyle is possible.”

The thing that makes Khun Tik delighted is the feedback and reaction of people around him.

“I am very satisfied. Words from others are better than self-admiration. Everyone who knows that I have undergone hair transplantation always says that my hair looks dense and I look great. That's because of Dr. Nin’s meticulousness and expertise. For those who don't know that I have undergone hair transplantation, they won't notice any abnormality because the wounds on the back of head were almost invisible. I can guarantee that hair transplantation surgery is not that scary, especially with Dr.Nin’s unique technique.”

Khun Tik left a message of reminders for anyone who has got or will get the hair transplantation i.e. follow doctor’s advice and instruction, avoid drinking coffee or alcohol, stop smoking in the first few months, using hair and scalp treatment products, including following up the results with the doctor. If you do so, the perfect result will be definitely shown.  Like Khun Tik, every day, he can put on his clothes and go out with Chertaem, his daughter proudly and confidently. His daughter’s friends hesitate to call him “Dad” because he looks like an Oppa.

"What makes me happy is my confidence restored. I look younger than my actual age (51). My confidence becomes 100% now."
"Namnin" hands you new hair with love and care
Fulfilling love by taking care and paying attention to each other in every single detail makes the love beautiful and always. A couple, Khun Kook and Khun Teera, is an impressive example. "Hair" is a reflection of their love and care. Khun Kook, a wife, received NEAT hair transplant at Namnin because she wanted to improve her facial proportion in order to boost her self-confidence.

“Influenced by genetic factor, everyone in my family has M-shaped hairline. I feel like this is a problem and there’s nothing that can hide my thinning hair forever, so I decided to get a hair transplant. I started by searching for various hair transplant techniques, both the traditional and the modern ones.  It took me a year to come across Dr. Nin's NEAT technique. I'm sure this is the right solution for me.”

After getting a hair transplant, Khun Kook shared her impression of Dr. Nin and Namnin’s team who are impressively attentive and understand Khun Kook's concerns so well.

“I am impressed by the sincerity of both the doctor and the entire team. With NEAT Technique, recovery period after hair transplant is nothing to worry about. Dr. Nin clearly explained steps and matters to be followed or experienced, including proper post-operative care.”

“After the hair transplant was completed, I was back to my normal life immediately. I can work normally, no fever, no pain, no soreness at all.” And if asked, “Has anyone noticed?” Khun Kook answered with a smile, “Of course, many people have asked what I did. It doesn't look like I had a hair transplant. It looks very natural.”

After undergoing a hair transplant, Khun Kook came to see the doctor at every appointment and received LLLT treatment to enhance the effectiveness of the hair transplant. And when asked about her feelings after one year of hair transplantation, she gave a short but honest reply, "I’m happy."

During the follow-up period, Khun Kook noticed that Khun Teera (her husband) has a sign of thinning hair and hair loss. She recommended that her husband receive a Premium Hair Booster injection to nourish the scalp and hair. At that time Khun Teera thought that it was unreliable and impossible, but he finally came to consult a doctor as Khun Kook recommended.

“Hair loss was not my concerning problem. Thinning hair was the condition that was going to become my obstacle. My hair strands became smaller and smaller. When I bowed my head, the scalp was clearly visible through the strands. I didn't realize it until my wife told me that.”

Premium Hair Booster program that Dr. Nin designed for Mr. Teera helps reduce hair loss and stimulates the hair regeneration. His hair becomes denser and thicker impressively. After receiving service each time, the doctor would take pictures of the hair to see the progress that gradually improves. Khun Teera is very impressed with this.

“The doctor explained that the Premium Hair Booster injection is like adding fertilizer to the plants. It would gradually show results, not in the blink of an eye. Patience is needed. Each appointment is a month apart. And I have seen a pretty clear difference at the second and third time of treatment.”

After receiving treatments continuously, I began to see changes. When I take a photo, I can see black hair that is becoming more and more dense. Now Khun Teera has received the service for six times. His feelings about the Premium Hair Booster program have changed positively. The fear of needles is faded away and replaced by reliability. Today, Khun Teera always feels confident in living his life.

Impressed by the results of the newly and densely grown hair, Khun Teera has chosen to receive another package of nourishment injections. It is like planting a tree. Once planted, you must always take care of and fertilize the tree as well.

“Dr.Nin told me that it’s like fertilizing. If you stop adding fertilizer, it can survive. If the tree is strong enough, it can stand on its own for a while. But from six months to one year, you have to add fertilizer again because trees need to be fertilized.”

This couple's care for each other reflects their love and care with deep understanding of each other both mentally and physically. Today, newly grown hair improves the personality and enhances the confidence of both Khun Kook and Khun Teera. The couple lives joyfully and care for each other at all times. It is like fertilizing the tree of their love until it grows strong and flourishes endlessly.

Fulfilling Dr.Sumalee Jamras’s dream – A bride to be
Once in a lifetime
Hair transplant to fulfill a bride's dream

The wedding day is known as "Once in a lifetime" for women. It’s the day that most women portray themself as the most beautiful woman in a wedding dress. Dr. Rin, Sumalee Jamras, a cosmetologist, is one of them. Unfortunately, as her big day approaches, there is still one thing that worries her – how to deal with "Hair problem"?

“Actually, I don't like bangs. I want to tie my hair tightly like other people do but I can't. I have hair thinning at the front and on temples. My hairline is not beautiful, looks like a man. It’s my everyday difficulty.”

Hence, Dr. Rin decided to say goodbye to hereditary hair thinning problem (on her forehead) that she had faced since she was young.

“I think I'm ready to get it now. As I am planning to have a wedding, I decide to get the hair transplantation for a better facial framing.”

After meeting and discussing with Dr. Nin, the first thing to do was reframing the face. 

“Dr. Nin asked my needs first and then drew my new facial frame. She told me the limitation of facial framing that the new frontal hairline should be defined properly. We shared and exchanged our own ideas to make the expectation meet the possibility”.

Dr. Rin also told me about the atmosphere on the day of undergoing the hair transplantation procedure. She told me that it would take up to 10 hours in total, especially in the most important process, graft placement, that required the extreme attention and meticulousness.

“Before getting the hair transplantation, I was a bit afraid of pain, but when I actually undergone the surgery, I could say that it didn't hurt, compared with other surgeries. The atmosphere is very comfortable, with music in background. Dr. Nin was the one who performed graft placement and insertion, taking into account the direction of hair. This was to ensure that my new hair would blend in with native hairline, look natural, and beautiful of course."

Right after the hair transplant was completed, Dr. Rin was able to go to work the next day as there was no wound or bleeding. After that, Dr. Nin followed up and gave advice continuously, especially during the important periods like the first two weeks, and when the newly transplanted hair would fall out naturally, called ‘Shock Loss’.

“During the first two weeks, I was told to take a little extra hair and scalp care. If the graft has been firmly embedded, it will grow. But if I let it fall out, the survival rate will be low. So I tried my best to take a good care of my scalp and hair. After two months, I noticed that my hair began to fall out. It made me worried. But Dr. Nin followed up on the condition and she confirmed that it would regrow for sure”.

The time went by. Dr. Rin eventually saw the proof of natural thick and dense hair, more beautiful facial proportion. Anyone who saw her kept asking about it.

“I'm really impressed because it was as I expected. Now my hair has grown healthily, beautifully long. When posting photos on social media, a lot of people keep asking ‘How did you get it?”. I always recommend Namnin to everyone. I assure you that it doesn't hurt. So don't be afraid. Just go see the doctor to make it out.”

Another reason that made Dr. Rin decide to get a hair transplantation at Hamnin was a distinctive and different techniques.

“I asked Dr. Nin about the method and technique of hair transplantation that she had learned and practiced to see how it differed from others. I made the right decision. As at Namnin, the smallest tools are used. This makes the cuts very small and helps the hair grafts embedded better. Importantly, it reduces wounding and scarring.”

Dr. Rin added that apart from Dr. Nin's kindness and attentive care, she is a very calm and diplomatic woman.

“Dr.Nin impressed me. She listened and responded to the patients' opinions well. She gave me a clear answer, in a calm manner. The hair transplantation procedure takes years. If the doctor is anxious like the patient, the patients can’t calm down, I guarantee. For example, during the shock loss phase, the patient will be worried indeed. When the doctor looks calm, the patient will feel comfortable accordingly."

Finally Dr. Rin, a bride-to-be, has successfully restored her missing confidence with the naturally beautiful hair.

“During my pre-wedding photo shoot, I had to get my bangs up, it was ok indeed. I truly believe that the hair is important. When we feel that are beautiful, we’ll have more confidence and self-esteem. Then our image will be improved. If we are confident, we can everything better.”

Hair transplantation improves physiognomic features : Ms. Nanthaporn Burakhom (Khun Chompoo)
New Hair, New Life 
Open up your face confidently

As a beauty business owner, Khun Chompoo – Ms. Nanthaporn Burakhom, at the age of 36, always place an importance on self-care.

“If our image doesn't look nice, we cannot fully gain trust and credibility with customers.  In contrary, if we are confident, customers’ confidence will be gained as well. I have focused on this matter because my business is all about beauty.”

Ms. Chompoo’s hair problem turned into a beauty barrier that her confidence, especially in the days the age of 30 is passing by.

Oh my, the hair is very important because it represents our age. I have big forehead since birth and it’s getting worse by aging. My problem is that my hair moves backward on both temples. It severely destroys my confidence. When I dress up, go to social events, or take a photo, I can't open my hairline and forehead. I have to keep my forehead concealed with the hair although I want to open up my face.

When Khun Chompoo got an advice from her friends to consult Dr. Nin, who was specialized in dealing with the hair problems, the path to transform herself into a new person with hair transplant appeared. 

“Dr.Nin delivered the beauty to me. After chatting with her, I felt that she was very nice, friendly, and attentive. She clearly explained various techniques of hair transplantation, and the history and innovation. Her unique technique of removing and implanting the hair follicles, is innovative and interesting. That’s why I decided to get it.”


First thing first, Khun Chompoo discussed with Dr.Nin about the recipient area (transplanted area) because she still wanted to keep the width of the forehead as desired according to physiognomic principles. Dr. Nin calculated the number of grafts to be planted. Then the process started.

“Dr.Nin performed each step very gently. The injections were not painful at all. Dr. Nin performed every step herself from removing to implanting the hair, with the professional support from the staff (assistants). Dr. Nin controlled and performed all the steps carefully and meticulously.”

Khun Chompoo said that with the techniques and small devices used, the wounds after the procedure were very small and they healed very quickly as well. Dr.Nin washed her hair to clean the wound on the first day. Self-care after hair transplantation was not complicated at all. Essential medicine imported from abroad helped the wound and scab heal faster. As Khun Chompoo tried not to touch or scratch the newly transplanted area during the first 2-3 months, her hair grew continuously, with almost no hair falling out.

“Right now, the physical change is very noticeable, almost 100% I could say. People around me will always say that my face looks nicer with naturally beautiful appearance. This is because Dr.Nin placed the grafts beautifully, with the proper density. Now I always show my forehead. I can put up my hair confidently, show my newly grown hair. I have always been complimented that my transplanted hair looks beautiful and natural. I really want to keep this beautiful hair forever and ever.

“...100% confidence. If I’m not confident, I won't fully show my face like this. My forehead is now really perfect for me, as well as the facial frame. 

1 Year after Hair transplant and Hair eyebrow transplant 

Since then, Dr. Nin still keeps in touch and follow-up the results, making Khun Chompoo impressed and starting to recommend people around her to have hair transplantation as well. One of them was her own father.

“Now I advise my father to consult Dr. Nin because he used to have the hair transplantation before but the result was not satisfactory.  I have chosen Namin because I am impressed by the professionality and meticulousness. The physician treats the patients like family. Saying about the hair transplant, Dr.Nin is the first physician who comes to mind.”

Dr.Warut trusted and chose Namnin’s hair transplantation service
From Patient to the First Student… ‘Dr.Warut’ guarantees

Effective hair transplantation is an Art

“The perfect result of hair transplantation relies on the doctor’s competence and ability. Hair transplantation is like a work of art, it requires the skills of a skilled artist.”

This is Dr. Warut Hompoonsap's confirmation that the hair transplantation is both a "science" and an "art". Dr. Warut, a general surgeon and a clinic owner, is not only one of the patients who underwent hair transplantation with Dr. Nin, but also the first student of NEAT (Namnin’s Exclusive Advanced Hair Transplant Technique) Training Course. Let's listen to Dr. Warut sharing his experience of transforming himself to look brand new.

“Originally I have a big forehead since birth. But it became evident at the age of 24-25. As my frontal hair moved backwards, it made the hair styling difficult. At that time I could that my face changed when the wind blew. Besides, when I took off the surgical cap, my hair looked flat. I am an easy-going man and don’t like hair styling. The hair problem became my difficulty, inconvenience, and destroyed my confidence.”

Previously, Dr. Warut had tried applying and taking some medicines hoping his hair problem would be solved. The medications help the new hair grow but it was just small thin hairs (stubble). Besides, there was no hair grown on his problem area (forehead). As Dr. Warut had known Dr. Nin well, he began to consult her about his anxiety. That was when the idea of hair transplant popped up.

“Dr. Nin showed me photos of her patients. What I saw was the wounds were very small. They looked much better. Dr. Nin gave me a lot of good advices while taught me many useful matters, such as the theory of hair transplantation, the proper density, what was good for men, what was right for women, including the originated and the latest techniques used in hair transplantation. Dr. Nin explained everything clearly and sincerely. She would say ‘No” to what was not right for each patient.

...I saw that 80-90% of those got the successful result so I thought it had to be good and last long.”

Dr. Nin began the procedure with designing the area to be transplanted, asking the patient the facial frame preferred in order to ensure that the patient’s expectation would be achieved. After that, Dr. Nin would supervise and oversee every step of hair transplantation, including local anesthetics injection, removing hair grafts by the professional assistants (for Dr. Warut's case, approximate 2,200 hair grafts were removed and implanted), and graft placement which required the meticulousness of Dr.Nin.

“During the graft placement process, Dr. Nin carried out this process by herself because she wanted to ensure that the hair grafts were inserted properly with the right number. Too many or too few hair grafts might lead to low survival rate and dissatisfactory result. This was all about Dr. Nin’s task.”

Importantly, he could continue his activities, work, or everyday routines right after the procedure.
“During the first two days, there was a little lymph and a few scabs, but it was not a problem at all. I could join the Dr.Nin’s hair transplantation training course the next day.”

Dr. Warut said that he was a bit anxious about the output. Especially during the “Shock Loss” stage when the new kept falling out naturally for consecutive 3-4 months. However, his hair regrew like Dr.Nin confirmed.

“It's dense and healthy. I think right now the grafts are perfectly embedded for over 90% and blend in my native hair naturally. When I take a shower, I don't feel weird or any difference.”

As the first student of Dr. Nin’s training course, Dr. Warut shared his impression with Dr. Nin. He told that Dr. Nin was very friendly. If you have any question or doubt, you can ask her. Her teaching technique was very interesting. The training participants had an opportunity to learn and study from the actual cases. Dr. Warut is planning to apply the knowledge and skills gained to help other people solve their hair problems.

“I think the hair transplant isn’t a too difficult science but it has a lot of details. Imagine that you are implanting 2,000 hair grafts, the designing is the key factor of successful or unsuccessful result. It's all about art.”
Sumet Ong-art: Transforming himself to be a brand new
To be Number 1 on a roll 
Making a career last longer with hair transplantation

You probably know Sumeth Ong-Art or Khun Met who is a talented artist and actor with a casual, friendly, and affectionate look. Before getting hair transplantation at Namin Clinic, he rarely paid attention to his own hair problems!!

“Actually, I didn't really notice my hair problem. I just felt itchy on my head and saw my hair falling out, it didn’t worry me though. I thought that I was about to turn 50 and would be retired in a little while, switching to doing background work. So it didn’t matter to me.”

And this was the turning point that made Khun Met realized his hair problem and stood up to defeat it at the age of 51.

“During the coronavirus (COVID -19) outbreak, my staff set up a live streaming, without makeup and hair styling at all. During that time, my hair was quite long that made the thinning or balding area obvious, especially on the forehead (frontal hairline) and at temples, as well as on the back of the head. So the staff said “Khun Met, you should do something. It's too thin."

Khun Meth got advices from the people around him, saying that there was still a way to make his career last longer. With his acting ability, we often see Khun Met playing the role of fathers. Khun Met thinks that if he could end his problem, he could be one on a roll.

“As everyone said ‘Hey bro, you can still be famous for many more years’. When I met my friends, colleagues, or respected persons, they said that if I could maintain my hair, do it now. When the hair was still on your head, your career would last longer (decades). So I thought that if it was good for my job, it would be worth getting the hair transplantation. Frankly, I didn’t want to play the role of grandfathers (as there were fewer scenes and chances).”

Namnin Clinic was the only option that Khun Met had chosen because he saw his friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry who had undergone hair transplantation with the satisfactory results (they looked younger) (Khun Met imagined that he might become a main character instead of fathers, if he looked much younger after hair transplantation) The impression with Dr. Nin's treatment is another reason.

“I talked with Dr. Nin about the treatment procedure. It was so good. She explained the treatment process easily to be understood. The whole process looked safe and there was side effect.”

Khun Met shared his experience on the day of undergoing hair transplantation. He said that it was a treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. After local anesthetic injection, it didn't hurt at all. Dr. Nin supervised and handled every step carefully, especially when using a 0.6 mm device (implanter pen) in graft placement process. It took full 10 hours on that day. The recovery time was shorter than he thought. 

“I resumed my work the next 2 days. After hair transplantation, I stayed home for a day but it was not like a patient who had undergone an invasive surgery. I did my everyday activities with an extra care of the head. That’s all. Then the next day, I went to work, filming 2 works of drama series.

Talking about the results of treatment, Khun Met said that there was no wound in the transplanted area. Apart from that, the wounds in the donor area could be concealed with hair easily. Today, his hair almost grows perfectly. 
“Now my head is full of healthy hair. Only a few grafts falling out. I think it's ok now. Dr.Nin told me that the newly grown hair is definitely strong and healthy because it is removed from the lower back of the head where the healthiest hair grows. Anyway the native hair existing requires a good care as well.”

His fans, now, can be sure that they will definitely see him on various entertainment channels and media, showing off his dense and healthy hair for a long time. 

“To me, hair helps my career last longer. Let’s say that I’ll have a job to do without a retirement date (as this job feeds me and my family). I can work until age 70 - 80. I’m sure that my body is strong and healthy enough. The only concern is the hair that makes me look old or young. So having the real hair is the best.”

Don’t wait for old age to get hair transplantation
Come on Sis! Hair transplantation is not only for old ladies

Nithanan Niyomsutcharit (Khun Toon) shared her experience of transforming herself to look brand new at the age of 36 by having a hair transplant at Namin Clinic.

“Why did I decide to get hair transplantation at the age 36? It should really be done when you get older, right? But to me, I think that's too late? We are still young and we have to go out and meet people. Should we spend the rest of our lives worthily. So let's be beautiful now. What's the use if you're beautiful when you're old? Who are you going to show off to?”

Khun Toon is like other women who have suffered from the problem of frontal hairline going backwards (receding M-shaped hairline) which becomes more apparent as they get older. When the forehead is too big, the face is not as beautiful as they desire.

“Hair is very important in life because we have to meet a lot of people. No matter how beautiful your face is, if you are bald or looks bald, it will affect your personality and appearance. You will look older than your actual age.”

As a pharmacist and an owner of a pharmacy, Khun Toon therefore selected and took medications to restore her dense hair, but it did not meet her needs and expected results.

“I used to buy sprays, shampoos and serums hoping that they would help solve my hair problem. But lastly it didn't. There was new hair grown only on the back of the head. Nothing happened to the frontal hairline, my problem area.”

That's the story of Khun Toon before getting to know Namin Clinic on Facebook. After searching for information, there are reliable cases undergone the hair transplantation at Namin Clinic like the celebrities, famous actors and actresses, or even doctors. This is deemed the proofs of credibility and reliability. Apart from those references, the impression of Dr. Nin is the key reason for choosing Namnin Clinic

“I'm very impressed with Dr. Nin. She is blunt and sincere. She told me about the Shock Loss phase when the hair keep falling out. She told me about the exact number of hair grafts to be transplanted, and the price of course.”

In addition, Dr.Nin also gave necessary advices and designed a facial framing from scratch.

“Dr. Nin asked me what type of face shape I preferred. She framed my face with a curve line, and said it made you look so sweet. I wanted to make my forehead look smaller. Then she arranged it for me considering my eyebrows and movement of the facial muscles."

Khun Toon underwent hair transplant with NEAT technique at Namnin in August 2020. Dr. Nin was the one who oversaw every step by herself, especially during the graft placement and insertion that is distinction of Namnin.

Khun Toon is a case study of a patient who entered the Shock Loss phase after hair transplant relatively quickly but the hair grew quickly as well.

“Dr. Nin used a method of implanting hair grafts along the frontal hairline, considering my originated hairline and face frame. The new hair has grown smoothly and beautifully. I don’t feel any abnormality. I can tie my tightly. In the last 4 months, no one asked me if I’ve had my hair transplanted. It looks very natural.”

When we asked her about the satisfaction of hair transplantation result, especially regarding the face frame, Khun Toon promptly replied that…

"My facial frame has changed, it looks great. It's been 4 months today. The new hair almost grows perfectly, less hair loss. Dr. Nin told me that it should be able to grow more densely because about 2,600 hair grafts have been inserted.”

As Khun Toon said that we don't have to wait until we get older to end your hair problems permanently, transform yourself from a large-forehead woman into a brand new you to live your life confidently.

“It’s awesome. I feel it’s worth it when comparing the money spent with the beauty gained. This beautiful hair will be with us for many more years. Was it worth it? ...Certainly yes, I couldn’t agree more”.